Top 3 VDR Providers Review

Business is a field of activity that requires constant improvement to outperform the competition. Modern technologies are the main helpers in this business. They allow you to increase productivity, automate some processes and improve the quality of transactions. The virtual data room is one of these solutions. These spaces are suitable for any branch of business and bring advantages. The VDR market has grown noticeably over the past few years, but some providers who stand out with their special quality of service have managed to linger on the list of leaders. This article will give you an overview of the top 3 best VDR providers.

IDeals Virtual Data Room Review

Provider IDeals offers some of the most secure and reliable solutions on the market and has long been a leader among VDR solutions. It suits many industries, including investment banking, law, and other businesses. Trusted by thousands of customers worldwide, IDeals is valued for its transparent structure and high security, which allows it to succeed in any industry. The main features the provider has to offer are:

  • Easy document management
  • State-of-the-art encryption technology ensures reliable protection of file storage and transfer
  • Detailed control of access to the documents and controllable rights of the users
  • Monitoring and automatic activity reports
  • Automatic conversion of files to PDF format while uploading
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Access limitation based on IP-address
  • Watermarks
  • Built-in protection through antivirus technology
  • Can be accessed from any device
  • Question-Answer section

One of the main reasons IDeals is a success because providers always listen to their customers and try to meet their requirements. Data Room is compatible with a large list of web browsers, operating systems, and gadgets and provides multi-lingual support and a variety of pricing plans.

Citrix Virtual Data Room Review

What sets Citrix apart from other providers is that it focuses more on internal processes than external ones. This means that its ultimate goal is to create an optimized workspace for employees in which they can securely share corporate data and work together. Of course, this does not mean that Citrix services are not intended for transactional purposes; you are free to use them for these purposes as well. The provider offers security certificates on which Citrix can work with industries such as:

  • IT entities
  • Financial firms
  • Startups
  • Law firms
  • Real Estate Agencies

Now serving over 400,000 companies worldwide, customers appreciate that Citrix gives them a stable environment, helps improve teamwork, and increases security for sensitive documents. Top benefits include:

    • Compatible with any device
    • Desktop management
    • Security and performance analytics
    • Collaboration tools

Intralinks Virtual Data Room Overview

Intralinks is one of the oldest VDR providers, but it is also now considered one of the most progressive. Intralinks leverages AI technology in its operations, increasing business transactions’ productivity and success. The provider also offers a user-friendly interface, compatibility with any operating system, and high speed. The number of Intralinks clients is more than 4 million worldwide, with clients mainly coming from investment banking, security, and mergers and acquisitions. The functionality of the provider has all the possible features of a traditional VDR, so, in Intralinks, you can find:

      • Automatic trading room setup function
      • Contract assessment
      • Detailed control of permissions for users
      • Question-and-answer
      • Drag function
      • Reporting

Intralinks’s features aim to provide seamless operations, secure transactions, effective collaboration, and all the necessary tools for employees and management personnel. However, its prices are higher than those of other providers.